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The Factinista: Brand Creation, Design, and Strategy



Project type

Brand Ideation, Design, and Strategy

Motivated by the era of fake news and to raise awareness for the Committee to Protect Journalists, I singlehandedly designed, manufactured, packaged, and sold a line of "fact-based merchandise" aptly named 'The Factinista'. Clever quips inspired by the notion that you should "wear where you stand" were screen-printed or embroidered on select merchandise—'Putin Free' and 'Factivist' are two of my favorites.

The core mantra Go Fact Yourself, along with other statements and aphorisms, were expressed through collections of tees, totes, sweatshirts, mugs, phone cases, buttons, and hats. The original Go Fact Yourself line was sold and featured at the Newseum, a now-since-closed museum in the District of Columbia dedicated to news and journalism. The museum, which actively promoted free expression and the First Amendment while also tracing the evolution of communication, was the perfect venue for The Factinista message. The merchandise was sold at other retailers in the DC area, including the CIA gift shop. Putin Free was a hit at local bakeries and cafes as the Mueller investigation played out and headlines increasingly focused on Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 election. You can take a look at the collections and merchandise on this page.

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