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Don't take my word for it...

"As a communicator, Amanda combines strong strategic acumen, sharp creativity and the ability to seamlessly execute across paid, owned and earned channels. In addition to her high-end hard skills, Amanda also benefits from her innate intellectual curiosity and her desire for continuous improvement. I look forward to crossing paths again with her in the future!"

—Jeremy Berrington, Managing Director, Americas @ Wachsman PR

"Amanda is professional, poised, and creative. During our time working together at Wachsman, Amanda demonstrated a keen ability to distill and present complex information, whether to clients, journalists, or her peers. Amanda is an impeccable writer and an assiduous project manager. She is skilled at managing against tight deadlines and competing priorities, while prioritizing the professional development of her direct reports along the way. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Amanda again - any team would be lucky to have her!"

—Ally Norton, Director of Communications @ Ticketmaster

"Amanda possesses a remarkable talent for crafting compelling and on-brand content that captivates our target audience. Whether it's blog posts, social media updates, or paid advertising campaigns, her work consistently exceeds expectations. Her storytelling abilities have played a pivotal role in enhancing our brand's online presence and driving higher engagement.


When it comes to social media management, Amanda is truly exceptional. She demonstrates an in-depth understanding of various social platforms and employs them strategically to engage our audience effectively. Under her guidance, our social media channels have experienced substantial growth in terms of followers, engagement, and reach. Amanda's approach goes beyond numbers; she fosters genuine connections with our audience, which has led to increased brand loyalty and trust.

Amanda's expertise extends to paid media as well. Her knack for identifying opportunities, optimizing campaigns, and delivering exceptional ROI is commendable. Her data-driven approach ensures that every dollar spent on paid advertising delivers tangible results. Amanda's ability to adapt to evolving trends and algorithm changes keeps our paid media efforts ahead of the curve.

What sets Amanda apart is not just her technical proficiency but also her collaborative and positive approach to teamwork. She is an excellent communicator and readily shares her knowledge and insights with colleagues.

Amanda's passion for her work is palpable, and she has an innate ability to inspire those around her. In summary, Amanda is a top-tier Content, Social, and Paid Media Specialist who has made significant contributions to our organization's success. I have full confidence in her abilities and believe that she would be an invaluable asset to any team or project."

—Ji Ho, Former Creative Director @ K12, a Stride Company 

“Amanda is always a step ahead and approaches challenges with thorough thoughtfulness. She’s a great leader and brings new ideas to the table consistently. I also appreciate that Amanda brings a sense of curiosity and healthy skepticism to projects, ensuring clients get the best of the team’s thinking and recommendations."

—Camille Stephens, Director of Public Relations @ Wachsman PR

"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda during her time as an Associate Director at Wachsman. Amanda's enthusiasm and passion for the work and company culture are two things that immediately stood out to me. Her poise and professionalism never wavered, and she quickly became a mentor to many of our junior and mid-level staff. Any organization would be lucky to have Amanda on its team!"

—Tyler Feinerman, Global Head of Talent & People Operations @ Wachsman PR

“Amanda is one of the most diligent and naturally talented workers I've ever known! Her keen eye for what will work on a public-facing level and her easy agility will make her one of the best employees you've ever had."

—Courtney Enlow, Manager of Editorial and Copy @ K12, a Stride Company 

"Amanda brings proactive energy and creative thinking skills to every project she works on. Her approach is positive, team-oriented, professional and bottom-line driven. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she's always a pleasure to work with. Additionally, she adds to the organization's culture by continually rooting for the company's goals and living the company's values. She'd be an asset to any team as she's also a quick study and knows how to roll up her sleeves and get down to work."

—Alex George, Head of Content Strategy and Development @ Honey by PayPal

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Amanda and highly recommend her for several reasons. Her passion and dedication are impressive. She is detail oriented and strategic in her approach. An incredible writer, collaborator, and team player; Amanda would be an asset to any organization!"

Idan Bail, Senior Client Partner @ DoubleVerify

"Amanda brings a natural combination of enthusiasm, intelligence and effectiveness in all she does. She is professional, detailed oriented and learns quickly and with her natural instinct to be a leader, she was truly a pleasure to work with. Amanda is a valulable asset to any company and I certainly believe she will achieve greatness in her bright future."

—Christine Maltese, Former Senior Vice President, Marketing, Thompson Hotels

"Amanda is very professional and has amazing technique in her areas of expertise. She will do what it takes to get the job done, is always implementing new ideas and projects in order to maximize success and has amazing writing skills. It is very pleasant to work by her side and if you do, you will definitely learn lots!"

—Marcela Camargo Vassimon, Former Managing Director @ CG/LA Infrastructure

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