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K12 'Take Charge' Campaign

Stride K12, an online leader in online education, is the tangible solution to parental frustrations—offering safety, well-being, personalized instruction, and unmatched flexibility. Empowering students and families beyond brick-and-mortar limits, for more than 20 years Stride K12 has provided parents and guardians with peace of mind. The 'Take Charge' campaign underscores the online learning platform's ability to provide families with a sense of control over their children's education.

I was responsible for writing the original TV spot as well as threading the message of that original 30-second ad through social video, SEM, Google Display and Discovery, as well as out of home advertising, including: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Spotify, billboard, podcast, and radio broadcast placements. You can view the full 30-second spot below or by clicking the link on this page. Examples of how the campaign was expressed on social, web, and outdoor media can be found below.

The top performing ad within this campaign was the top performer across all Stride K12 creative running at the time, delivering 6,352 leads and maintaining a $297 CPL, $647 CPAS, and $532 CPAC.​

Take Charge organic social ads were one of the top 3 messages published at the time, with a reach of 37k, a 3% engagement rate, and 1.2k link clicks.

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