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Strider the Fox

According to Fortune, 54 percent of the world’s most admired brands use mascots in marketing campaigns. That's why K12, a Stride company, developed Strider the Fox, an animated mascot featured in all forms of advertising to help communicate our message to young students and parents alike using energetic visual and voice attributes typically associated with young children’s programming.

Our team first utilized organic social, calling on followers and audiences interested in online education to help us name our new mascot. This initial post—shown below—generated an organic reach of 12,723, a 4.82% engagement rate, 962 clicks, and 309 comments.

To introduce Strider to the world, we created a 30-second TV spot. This ad—found below and via the link on this page— was one of Stride's top performing ads, resulting in a $50 lower cost per lead than our typical creative.

Since launch, Strider has been a huge hit with K12 students and families. To kick off the 2021 school year, we launched the #k12unbox campaign, calling on families to submit photos and videos unboxing their K12 school supplies featuring Stride's new brand identify and accompanying mascot. The #k12unbox contest generated 2.7K submissions across social media and through the TINT UGC platform.

To align with the 2022 graduation season, we launched the Strider AI. To showcase its applicability we created a variety of digital assets showcasing Stride's tech-forward approach while generating word-of-mouth interest via UGC. Examples of social posts as well our dedicated landing page showcasing Stride's graduation guarantee can be found below and via the link on this page.

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